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When buying your first boat, the boat show is a great place to begin. It's also a great place for veterans to learn what's new, whether it's in boats, electrical or laws changing.

The RAZR finds its name from its sleek persona that measures a mere 99 x 55 x 20 mm with weight being 125 gm. This 3G phone comes powered with 2 Megapixel integrated camera with digital zoom and flash. A secondary VGA camera featuring on the front fascia aids during video calling. In addition to its support in transfer of UMTS data packets, Motorola Digital Radio V3 comes with support for GPRS, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The Bluetooth Version 1.2 comes equipped with advanced A2DP support. Now, enjoy the best of internet and data transfer of any kind in tremendous high speed.

Now that I have established that I'm not anti-smart phone, I would like to point out why you may not want or need one. A smart phone usually uses more power than a regular cell phone, this means constantly charging it. A motorola radio RAZR can stay on for 3 days; a smart phone used moderately will stay on for 1 day at best. If you plan to go on a long trip without an outlet where you can charge your phone, be sure to leave your power chugging phone at home.

When you access the Internet, you will be able to type out you e-mail messages with pleasure as the Nokia E63 in Red and Blue has a QWERTY keyboard that has been built into it. Don't forget about the motorola dp4400 five-way scroll key that is included with this device. As for the memory, yes the memory in this cellular device is outstanding. You will have 110 MB of memory and you can use a microSD, which is TransFlash, which is up to 8GB. If you are a music lover, then you will also be able to enjoy MP3's on your cellular device. You will have the option of download MP3's straight from the Internet and you will be able to download as much as you device can hold, which is a lot.

Now, I looked for dirt on this guy. And, to be honest, I couldn't find a sex scandal, or a banking scandal; or him being quoted in the press making antisemitic remarks. The fact that he comes from a wealthy Jewish family might explain that one.

If Arizona voters want a guy whose life mirrors the motorola two way radio character Arthur in the film starring Dudley Moore Rodney Glassman is The Man. If not, vote for someone else.

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