Ground Beef Recall Due To E. Coli Risk

Are you looking for a few great meal ideas that you can use to prepare dishes for your family when you simply don't have a lot of time to spend on making dinner? There are a number of great tasting dishes that you can create with your slow cooker, and the best part is they can be ready in just a few simply steps. Here are a couple wonderful meals that your family will enjoy.

On top of stove, chop beef chilli up with bread spoon to separate it, and let it cook until brown. Add dash of salt, and black pepper for seasoning. After beef chilli is brown, drain grease from beef chilli with a strainer, pour water off whole kernel corn and sweet peas; add both to chilli con carne vegetarian. Add 1 pk. of shredded cheese, 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, and stir mixture. Take off stove after everything is combined, and spoon into casserole dish. Turn on oven to 350 F. Add other pack of shredded cheese over the top of casserole, place in oven, and let cook throughout until cheese and ingredients are cooked together.

Resist the urge to deep fry foods or smother them in high fat sauces. This adds no nutritional value - just unhealthy calories. Add flavor to food with herbs and chilli con carne spices instead.

In a small bowl, combine herbs and salt and pepper and rub over pork. Place roast in slow cooker. Add onion and garlic. Pour in broth. Cover and cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8.

Mr Vikki's North Indian Curry Paste could be deemed a tad hot but it just depends how much you use and how long you cook it for. We can usually get 12-13 meals out of one jar, and that's with our high chilli heat threshold so well worth the money. The versatility of Mr Vikki's curry paste and the pungent flavour is enough to make anybody weak in the knees so why not give it a try?

Just remember, your tatse buds are the ultimate deciders of which wines you purchase and chilli con carne slow cooker, and some 'rules' really are made to be broken! If you like it, it's the right choice for you. So don't drive yourself crazy over-analyzing which bottle is the 'right' bottle to have with dinner. Just pick what you like, relax, and sip at a time.